SKY Helicopters, Inc. has expanded its footprint in the DFW area and now offers flight training at the DeSoto Heliport for the R22 and R44 helicopters.

The DeSoto Heliport (73T) is located within Dallas Executive's (RBD) class D airspace.  Students will immediately get hands on experience working with control towers.

SKY Helicopters is an approved FAA 141 fight school and offers the following courses:

Private Pilot

Instrument Pilot

Commercial Pilot

Certified Flight Instructor

Certified Instrument Flight Instructor

Student requirements and estimated course costs can been found on the SKY Helicopters website.

Potential students are encouraged to meet with our flight staff at either the DeSoto (73T) or Garland (T57) heliports for additional information. 

SKY Helicopters - Garland    214 349-7000

SKY Helicopters - DeSoto    214 379-6790

Instruction and Rental Rates

Equipment                                              Advance-Pay Block Rate*                         Pay-As-You-Go                    
R22 Dual Instruction                                 $290.00 / hour                                      $300.00 / hour
R22 Solo                                                $240.00 / hour                                       $250.00 / hour
R44 Dual Instruction                                 $425.00 / hour                                       $435.00 / hour
R44 Instrument Dual                                 $450.00 / hour                                       $460.00 / hour
Ground Instruction                                    $50.00 / hour                                         $50.00 / hour

Introductory Demo Flight R22                     $159.00
Introductory Demo Flight R44                     $209.00

*Pay-In-Advance Block $3000.00